What to Expect at a New Poker Room

What to Expect at a New Poker Room

Visiting a newly opened poker room can be a lot of fun, but it is a different experience from playing in an established room. Many time, players will imagine what they will find and end up being completely wrong in their expectations. Here are just a few things that you can expect to find:

Bad Players

Calling them “bad” players may be a little harsh, but new poker rooms tend to attract inexperienced players. Expect to go up against novices who play hands that they should fold while making recklessly large bets. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the kind of player that you are. If you’re looking for a challenge against experienced players, being in a room full of novices is annoying, but it can also be a good thing if you’re looking for some easy victories. Keep in mind that you cannot expect this to last forever. In time, the truly bad players will either improve or move on to other rooms.

A Bigger Variance

A new poker room will likely be full of novice players who make large bets and play high-stakes games. This kind of playing could be used to your advantage if you are an experienced player. In this type of atmosphere, you’ll see much bigger swings than usual when you play. This means that you will want to be in more pots than you would if you were playing against more experienced players. Bring a larger bankroll than usual, and be prepared to play more aggressively. As a more experienced player, you have higher chances of winning against the novice players making the big bets.

A Different Projected Image

Those who play in your usual rooms most likely know about your playing style and will strategize accordingly. This will not be the case when you’re in a new room. Other players may be able to read you, but it will all be based on superficial observations; they won’t know how you usually play. This means that you will have to be conscious of the image that you present in this new room. You could use the other players’ unfamiliarity with you to your advantage, or you could start to establish a reputation if you plan to keep coming back to this new room.

Regardless of how you play, try to be as kind and helpful as possible. You may be an aggressive player who cleans up at a table, but you also have to remember that this is just a game. Be nice, and treat the other players with respect if you want the same respect in return.

The Horseshoe in Baltimore

Sarang Ahuja HorseshoeThe Baltimore Orioles gave people a lot to root for this year in Charm City. Actually, if you walked down Eutaw Street during any of the home playoff games, you know that Mobtown was a more apt nickname for the city at the time. And with tight standings in the AFC North, the Ravens are giving people in the city a lot to root for, too. But Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium are no longer the only big venues on the south side of Baltimore that offer entertainment and excitement near the Inner Harbor.

The Horseshoe Casino, which opened in the area this past August, provides an excellent alternative or complement to everything you were already able to do in the Inner Harbor area. If you’re not in the mood, can’t get tickets, or find yourself in the wrong season for a baseball or football game, you can head over to this giant hub full of things to entertain you, including an excellent variety of restaurants, live performances, and nightlife. It also features a brand new 25 table poker room, so as far as poker players are concerned, the Horseshoe is bound to be more of a primary destination than a fallback plan. The poker room is definitely the part of this new casino that I am most excited about.

Less than a year after opening its doors, the Horseshoe in Baltimore will find itself in the poker spotlight when the World Series of Poker hosts a tournament here this winter from February 26th to March 9th. This is a pretty exciting development for poker players in Baltimore, considering that it has only been about two years since table games in the area were approved for operation in casinos. I definitely plan to participate in the upcoming World Series of Poker event.

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Effort Fails

Sarang Ahuja mgm_grandAccording to cardplayer.com and the Boston Globe, an effort to repeal a 2011 law that authorized the building of three casinos and one slots-only parlor has failed, so it appears that there will finally be a casino poker room in the Boston area, to the delight of poker enthusiasts in the area.

MGM and Wynn resorts, as well as Penn National plan to get in on the recently re-approved casino plans in New England.  In fact, Penn National has already broken ground on building the slots parlor.  They were, evidently, very confident that the recent vote would turn out in their favor, and their gamble paid off.  They will be able to open the doors to their parlor six months earlier than if they had waited until the failure of the repeal effort was certain to begin construction.  Though MGM and Wynn have not yet broken ground, the companies combined plan to sink in over $2 Billion into redeveloping the areas in which they plan to build their new casinos.

It seems that, though some people in the area are opposed to hosting casinos, a larger margin are interested in the prospect of creating thousands of jobs during the building projects that are to come along with the approval of the casinos, as well as the jobs and money the casinos themselves can bring once they become fully functional.  The primary reasons for opposition to the building of the casinos is concern from residents in the area over increases in gambling addiction, increased traffic, and crime.

Now that casino proponents have won out, there will soon be another casino hub along the Eastern Seaboard for poker enthusiasts to enjoy.

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