There are definitely times when it’s not always acceptable to wish the people around the poker table good luck. In fact, many players in the world of poker are very superstitious. In poker, playing skill, deceit, and luck are all considered. When you say “good luck,” it can be interpreted as a mocking or challenging remark or an allusion to the fact that you have an ace up your sleeve.


It can be very challenging to wish someone good luck in poker due to how it can be interpreted as a negative remark. “Let’s have a good game,” on the other hand, is a more appropriate choice. Here are some ways you can wish your table luck to start on good footing

Keep it old school

“Good luck, everyone. Let’s have a good game.”


This is one of the most common ways to wish other poker players luck. However, make sure that your tone is appropriate. For instance, if you’re making it sound like “good luck because you’re playing against me,” this could potentially work against you at some point.


Make sure to avoid looking at people in particular when you’re making this statement. Also, make sure that you’re looking at the cards. If you do this, your words could be interpreted as “I’m going to beat you,” which could be very rude.


Make eye contact with everyone around the table when wishing them a good game. Doing so will make your statement sound sincere and will encourage everyone to have a good time that evening.


The Scottish Play

“Everyone, break a leg. Let’s have a good game.”


Although you’re already aware of where you stand when you’re playing with your friends, you may also want to check if there are people who are more likely to have a superstition when you host or play poker with others.


This can be a bit challenging since some people will not be completely honest with you about their superstitions. For instance, some poker players will only talk about the lucky underwear that they have worn for every game.


This is a safe default, especially if you don’t know the other players at the table. However, keep in mind that this may cause another player to believe that you are the one who has a superstition.


The quiet outlook

“Good luck, and have fun.”


If you’re not a part of the game, then it’s important to avoid inserting yourself into it. Instead, focus on throwing in a quick greeting and a few words.


Make sure to maintain eye contact with all players to avoid making an impression that you’re favoring one person over another.


If you’re a dealer, then the first and second statements from this list will also work well. Essentially, you are the House and have the stake at the table.


As long as you don’t give preferential treatment to any of the players, then everything should go well. However, be careful not to interrupt the game while it’s going on. Also, make sure that you don’t bring anything with you unless it’s requested by one of the players.


Wishing luck to your fellow poker players can be great when done correctly. Being cognizant of your fellow players’ superstitions is key to ensuring that your wish for good luck is taken at face value, and not undermined by others thinking you’re being rude. These are just a few of the ways that you can go about wishing your fellow players luck.