With the next World Series of Poker circuit in just a couple of days, you may find yourself like a kid before Christmas. However, one thing that you should be doing is making the necessary preparations to get your head in the game. This article will have a list of tips that will help you get ready for the event.


Brush up your skills by playing online

Although it may seem counterintuitive, practicing online can be a great way to improve your skills before the event you’re attending, even though the tournament takes place in person.

During a live poker tournament, you can expect to see around thirty hands per hour. On the other hand, playing online can see you making up to ninety hands per hour per table. In recent years, many Main Event winners have been under forty.


Although years of experience are important in poker, playing with a computer can help you improve your volume and compete at a higher level. For instance, 22-year-olds can play at the same level as their older counterparts.


In addition to being more aggressive, playing poker online also has a different feel compared to in person. For instance, you might feel like you’re killing the game by reraising whenever other players want to play limped pots. However, playing on a computer provides a buffer between you and the other players, giving you more confidence to raise the bet. 


Don’t just limit yourself to the WSOP

The World Series of Poker is known for its massive prize pools and unique tournament atmosphere. For non-players, the Main Event is regarded as the “Poker Playeri’s Superbowl.” One of the most prominent poker players of all time, Chris Moneymaker, comes from this game. He became a multi-million dollar professional after winning the Main Event


The bigger events at the World Series of Poker are harder to beat. For instance, the Main Event is usually three or four days long. Besides the tournament atmosphere, the hotel expenses can also be expensive.


There’s no shame in not wanting to compete against thousands of people for several days straight. Due to the increasing number of events, the casinos have started holding simultaneous series, so you might want to check to see if other events are being held in the Illinois WSOP circuit at the same time. 


Register early

The World Series of Poker can take a long time to process your cashier’s checks. This is especially true if you’re participating in the Main Event. In addition to the cashier’s checks, lines in and of themselves are quite a long process to get through. That’s why it’s important to allow ample time for registration.


If you register late, you might not be able to see the full blind levels. This can also cause you to feel frustrated and nervous. If you’re planning on participating in the Main Event, consider registering early so you can avoid adding to the pressure on the day of the event.


These are just a few of the tips that you should keep in mind when preparing to go to the World Series of Poker. Have a great game!